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About the book
A moving poem that echoes the love Palestinians have for their olive trees and their deep connection to their land. Features seventeen major Palestinian artists.

“A stunning book of poetry and art that stirs the heart about the near-universal challenge of our time: Displacement.”


Rest in My Shade is a poetic story about displacement, identity and loss recited by an ancient olive tree. It features art created in various media by Palestinian artists living around the world.

Millions of people are being uprooted, separated from their families, and risk losing their culture as a result of war, poverty, repression, and climate injustice. Rest in My Shade is a tool for building understanding, compassion and dialogue through culture.

Together, we can build a world in which we can all live without fear, move freely, value and share the cultures and traditions that make us who we are, and feel dignity and acceptance everywhere.


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